Expanded Cinema

Course Description

"Expanded cinema does not mean computer films, video phosphors, atomic light, or spherical projections. Expanded cinema isn’t a movie at all: like life it’s a process of becoming...” Gene Youngblood

With rapidly evolving digital technologies the film industry is being transformed. Smart phones, motion capture, 3D as well as the proliferation of web series, and ‘ap- pisodes’ are changing how we look at, create and experience movies and television. This seminar will explore the theory and practice of how these new technologies are expanding boundaries of the moving image and how this is reflected in society. In addition, through hands-on, experimental and collaborative projects, the course will include a practical introduction to video production and editing.

As a class we will critically screen and discuss “movies and art of influence.” Experimental film, web series, video art, and installation will be considered in tandem with more traditional forms of narrative and documentary cinema. While not a historical survey or a traditional film appreciation course, key films and videos have been selected that serve as an introduction to major themes within cinema. The first half of the semester will focus on notions of “expanding perspectives” considering topics related to authorship, truth, identity and politics. The second half will be dedicated to “expanding screens” or how artists and filmmakers are experimenting with new models of dissemination, participation and installation.

Student Work:

Shirley Shen
Freefall, 2015

Chris Bugtong, Jesse Coldsmith, Tina Fitch & Collin Schirf
Defining Space, 2014
3 channel video installation







Space and perception is manipulated in three explicit ways in this performance: the difference in literal location, the visual representation of said location, and the immediate environment via three projections.

Joshua Hall, Emily Lathrop & Emma Weber
Through Our Eyes, 2014

Web series pilot

Shaina Villalobos
Pink Fly, 2013

A man's encounter with a fly ends in a very strange way.

Ignacio Andreu
Guard the City, 2013