Introduction to Digital Cultures and Creativity I

Course Description:

As the introductory class to the Digital Cultures & Creativity Program, this course is designed to familiarize students with a variety of perspectives on digital media, emerging research in the field, and ways in which the DCC program can augment and extend chosen majors. Throughout the semester some of the best scholars in the region (from established practitioners to up-and-coming researchers) are selected to come and share their perspectives. Coupled with lectures, as a class we engage these ideas through hands-on explorations such as collective fan fiction in the UMD library, the creation of a flash mob, and learning code through dance. Particular emphasis is placed on thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries and approaching problems from multiple perspectives via collaborative projects.

Team-taught with Dr. Evan Golub, Computer Science (2011), Dr. Jason Farman, American Studies (2012-3), and Jarah Moesch, Art/American Studies (2014)

Class Project Highlights:

Each year students in HDCC 105 create an MP3 Flash Mob at the University of Maryland, College Park. Participants download our MP3 ahead of time, load it on to their iPod, iPhone, or other listening devices, and meet at an agreed upon location for the Flash Mob. This collaborative project explores the use of mobile media in public spaces.

The entire concept, from start to finish, was the work of the students in HDCC 105.