Portable Field Desk, 2016

  • Portable Field Desk (Painting Artist Point)
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  • Portable Field Desk (City of Rocks)
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Portable Field Desk  

Created specifically for Imagine our Parks. This interactive custom-built sculpture underscores process and performativity. Utilized in place-responsive actions such as writing ‘Artist Point’ over and over in watercolor pigment to match hues seen and not seen while sitting amongst tourists making and taking photographs in Yellowstone National Park. Also used to project video both from within and outside the desk.

Many thanks to Colby Claycomb 

Portable Field Desk Archive, 2015 (Mapping Meaning)

  • Portable Field Desk Archive (Mapping Meaning)
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  • Mapping Meaning Video Archive
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  • AAC_installation3
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Portable Field Desk Archive

An archive in the making. Created specifically for Mapping Meaning and a desire to insert alternative narratives and expanded histories as well as highlight the ever-evolving and ever-changing nature of archives. Includes items such as:

Ephemera from Mapping Meaning workshops including signal mirrors used in a collective performance focused on “ecotone: site of emergency.”

Maps where participants were asked to draw, doodle, and write on the map defining the spaces and places they visited during Mapping Meaning. The intent was to coalesce into one map the different paths, perspectives, and levels of engagement with the earth.

Photo, video, and sound archive

Documents such as a session handout interrogating the impact of seven decades of nuclearism on the American West

Many thanks to Craig Caballero