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 All Appears Orange, 2011

Referencing satellites, antennas, and other technologies of communication, All Appears Orange is a project that investigates disaster and warning systems. A series of sculptures were created utilizing orange marking flags as the primary material. These flags are generally used to mark survey points as well as denote underground telecommunication utilities such as telephone, alarm, signal or conduit lines.

Through multiple performances these absurd objects were humorously employed to both signal and explore ideas around agency, safety, and environmental change. In the video the performances are juxtaposed with Morse code as orange abstraction.

The final installation includes two sound pieces that allow the viewer to experience the installation from multiple locations and in extremely different ways. Ambient sounds mainly derived from the flags themselves take preeminence in one, while the other includes sound elements from NOAA underwater earthquake recordings, a false alarm of the Emergency Broadcast System, nuclear alarm sirens etc.

A recent international report stated that the seeming increase of natural disasters is “the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent.” All Appears Orange examines what is being lost in transmission as we globally begin to live this “new future.”

Many thanks to Amanda Poulson for video and performance contributions.

→  Second sound element